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Volume 5 | No. 6 | June 2016

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PI3K p110β subunit in leptin receptor expressing cells is required for the acute hypophagia induced by endotoxemiaBeatriz C. Borges, David Garcia-Galiano, Rodrigo Rorato, Lucila L.K. Elias, Carol F. Elias

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Triggering the adaptive immune system with commensal gut bacteria protects against insulin resistance and dysglycemiaCéline Pomié, Vincent Blasco-Baque, Pascale Klopp, Simon Nicolas, Aurélie Waget, Pascale Loubières, Vincent Azalbert, Anthony Puel, Frédéric Lopez, Cédric Dray, Philippe Valet, Benjamin Lelouvier, Florence Servant, Michael Courtney, Jacques Amar, Rémy Burcelin, Lucile Garidou

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Original Research Article
A comprehensive lipidomic screen of pancreatic β-cells using mass spectroscopy defines novel features of glucose-stimulated turnover of neutral lipids, sphingolipids and plasmalogensGemma L. Pearson, Natalie Mellett, Kwan Yi Chu, Ebru Boslem, Peter J. Meikle, Trevor J. Biden

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Brief Communication
Role of mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) in higher brain functions, neuronal plasticity and network oscillationGretchen Hermes, David Nagy, Michael Waterson, Attila Zsarnovszky, Luis Varela, Mihaly Hajos, Tamas L. Horvath

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Raptor/mTORC1 loss in adipocytes causes progressive lipodystrophy and fatty liver diseasePeter L. Lee, Yuefeng Tang, Huawei Li, David A. Guertin

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