Advances in the study of RNA-binding proteins in diabetic complications

Xinyue Chen, Jiaqiang Wu, Zhangwang Li, Jiashu Han, ... Peng Yu


It has been reported that diabetes mellitus affects 435 million people globally as a primary health care problem. Despite many therapies available, many diabetes remains uncontrolled, giving rise to irreversible diabetic complications that pose significant risks to patients’ wellbeing and survival.

Scope of Review

In recent years, as much effort is put into elucidating the posttranscriptional gene regulation network of diabetes and diabetic complications; RNA binding proteins (RBPs) are found to be vital. RBPs regulate gene expression through various post-transcriptional mechanisms, including alternative splicing, RNA export, messenger RNA translationRNA degradation, and RNA stabilization.

Major Conclusions

Here, we summarized recent studies on the roles and mechanisms of RBPs in mediating abnormal gene expression in diabetes and its complications. Moreover, we discussed the potential and theoretical basis of RBPs to treat diabetes and its complications.