Monitoring and modelling the dynamics of the cellular glycolysis pathway: A review and future perspectives

Nitin Patil, Orla Howe, Paul Cahill, Hugh J. Byrne


The dynamics of the cellular glycolysis pathway underpin cellular function and dysfunction, and therefore ultimately health, disease, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Evolving our understanding of this fundamental process and its dynamics remains critical.

Scope of review

This paper reviews the medical relevance of glycolytic pathway in depth and explores the current state of the art for monitoring and modelling the dynamics of the process. The future perspectives of label free, vibrational microspectroscopic techniques to overcome the limitations of the current approaches are considered.

Major conclusions

Vibrational microspectroscopic techniques can potentially operate in the niche area of limitations of other omics technologies for non-destructive, real-time, in vivolabel-free monitoring of glycolysis dynamics at a cellular and subcellular level.