Volume 52 | October 2021

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The year 2021 marks the 100th year of the discovery of insulin, one of the most important discoveries in the history of medical science—in terms of its lasting impact on hundreds of millions of people worldwide and in the development of medical science. This special issue of Molecular Metabolism takes us through the journey over this remarkable century and highlights several aspects of this discovery and its impact – both in diabetes and medical science – in a much broader way.

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Mark A. Jarosinski, Balamurugan Dhayalan, Yen-Shan Chen, Deepak Chatterjee, ... Michael A. Weiss

Jeffrey S. Flier, C. Ronald Kahn

Morris F. White, C. Ronald Kahn

Michael C. Lawrence

Derek LeRoith, Jeff M.P. Holly, Briony E. Forbes

Julie Støy, Elisa De Franco, Honggang Ye, Soo-Young Park, ... Andrew T. Hattersley

Leonard C. Harrison

Phillip J. White, Robert W. McGarrah, Mark A. Herman, James R. Bain, ... Christopher B. Newgard


Jialin Fu, Marc Gregory Yu, Qian Li, Kyoungmin Park, George L. King

Joshua L. Milstein, Heather A. Ferris