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Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is thought to affect ∼2% of the global population, with prevalence ranging from 8.5% in Norway to 0.91% in the USA. The pathogenesis of psoriasis predominantly involves dysregulated Th17 pathway-mediated inflammatory response, leading to immune cell infiltration, epidermal hyperplasia through keratinocyte proliferation, and inflammation at lesional sites.

Elizabeth A. Evans, Sophie R. Sayers, Xenia Kodji, Yue Xia, ... Paul W. Caton

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Marc Diedisheim, Elena Carcarino, Claire Vandiedonck, Ronan Roussel, ... Nicolas Venteclef


J.J. Hulmi, F. Penna, N. Pöllänen, T.A. Nissinen, ... M. Lalowski

Matthew Riopel, Jae-Su Moon, Gautam K. Bandyopadhyay, Seohee You, ... Yun Sok Lee

Kadidia Diallo, Sylvie Dussault, Christophe Noll, Angel F. Lopez, ... Gareth E. Lim

Lia R. Edmunds, Bingxian Xie, Amanda M. Mills, Brydie R. Huckestein, ... Michael J. Jurczak

Jakob Wefers, Niels J. Connell, Ciarán E. Fealy, Charlotte Andriessen, ... Patrick Schrauwen


Karin J. Bosma, Mohsin Rahim, James K. Oeser, Owen P. McGuinness, ... Richard M. O'Brien

Anneke Gässler, Charline Quiclet, Oliver Kluth, Pascal Gottmann, ... Heike Vogel


Nolan J. Hoffman, Jamie Whitfield, Natalie R. Janzen, Mehdi R. Belhaj, ... John A. Hawley

Elizabeth A. Evans, Sophie R. Sayers, Xenia Kodji, Yue Xia, ... Paul W. Caton



Brandon J. Gheller, Jamie E. Blum, Esther W. Lim, Michal K. Handzlik, ... Anna E. Thalacker-Mercer

Kirstie A. De Jong, Liam G. Hall, Mark C. Renton, Tim Connor, ... Sean L. McGee

Anna Sofie Husted, Jeppe H. Ekberg, Emma Tripp, Tinne A.D. Nissen, ... Thue W. Schwartz

Michael A. Nauck, Daniel R. Quast, Jakob Wefers, Juris J. Meier

Laurie L. Baggio, Daniel J. Drucker

Maryam Mahjoubin-Tehran, Antonio De Vincentis, Dimitri P. Mikhailidis, Stephen L. Atkin, ... Amirhossein Sahebkar

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