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Consuming small amounts of palatable food, i.e., snacking, at various times of the day is a highly prevalent behavior in most modern societies. Chronic rest-phase food intake – especially of high-caloric items – promotes obesity and disrupts endogenous circadian rhythms. Notably, humans and mice are more prone to hedonically driven eating behavior, the overconsumption of palatable food, during the late active/early inactive phase, i.e., the morning in mice, the evening in humans. While the effects of calorie-dense food items in promoting body weight gain are well documented, the metabolic impact of snack timing is far less understood.

Kimberly Begemann, Isabel Heyde, Pia Witt, Julica Inderhees, ... Henrik Oster

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Ronald M. Krauss, Jonathan T. Lu, Joseph J. Higgins, Cathryn M. Clary, Ray Tabibiazar

Fen Long, Memoona R. Bhatti, Alexandra Kellenberger, Wenfei Sun, ... Tenagne D. Challa

Iltan Aklan, Nilufer Sayar-Atasoy, Fei Deng, Hyojin Kim, ... Deniz Atasoy

Nahed Khadhraoui, Alexandre Prola, Aymeline Vandestienne, Jordan Blondelle, ... Fanny Pilot-Storck

Kyung-Mi Choi, Christopher Y. Ko, Sung-Min An, Seung-Hee Cho, ... John C. Yoon

Petra Janovska, Petr Zouhar, Kristina Bardova, Jakub Otahal, ... Jan Kopecky

Sing-Young Chen, Martina Beretta, Ellen M. Olzomer, Divya P. Shah, ... Kyle L. Hoehn

Justin English, Joseph Orofino, Carly T. Cederquist, Indranil Paul, ... Valentina Perissi

George P. Brownrigg, Yi Han Xia, Chieh Min Jamie Chu, Su Wang, ... Elizabeth J. Rideout

Kimberly Begemann, Isabel Heyde, Pia Witt, Julica Inderhees, ... Henrik Oster

Hélène Dehondt, Arianna Marino, Laura Butruille, Denis A. Mogilenko, ... Bart Staels

Tatiana Takiishi, Peng Xiao, Marie Franchimont, Eduardo H. Gilglioni, ... Alessandra K. Cardozo

Yu A. An, Wei Xiong, Shiuhwei Chen, Dawei Bu, ... Philipp E. Scherer

Sophie Buller, Sara Kohnke, Robert Hansford, Takahiro Shimizu, ... Clemence Blouet

Kent Pedersen, Helle Andersen, Christian Fledelius, Jens Juul Holst, ... Rune Ehrenreich Kuhre

Vojtěch Škop, Juen Guo, Naili Liu, Cuiying Xiao, ... Marc L. Reitman

Qiongyu Lu, Ziting Liu, Luyao Zhao, Linru Xu, ... Li Zhu

Xiaojie Peng, Shuze Chen, Ying Wang, Ming Jin, ... Wei Gong

2021 impact factor: 8.568

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