Volume 63 | September 2022

Cover Story

Dear colleagues,

Molecular Metabolism is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

10 years ago, founding Editor-in-Chief Matthias Tschöp envisaged a journal with special attributes to distinguish itself from others in the field: high quality research reports combined with an extremely fast review process.

Since its implementation the journal has established itself in the community as a renowned place to publish in a very rapid manner. In the last 10 years one thing has remained unchanged - authors still receive a first editorial decision within 48 h after submission.

The increasing recognition of Molecular Metabolism is well documented in its steadily increasing impact factor and the continuously rising number of submitted papers accumulating to more than a thousand yearly submissions in recent years.

In order to further boost the journal's impact, some major strategic decisions were made in 2018 with myself taking over the position as the Editor-in-Chief and the installment of a whole editorial team, comprising of leaders in the metabolism research field, Lora Heisler and Christian Wolfrum, as well as Anja Krones-Herzig and Luke Harrison as managing editors. These editorial adjustments were alongside a broadening of our scope from pure diabetes research to related and relevant themes, including aging, cancer metabolism, and long-term diabetes complications.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our publishers Anthony Newman and Lynn Sherrer for their continued strategic support, as well as our journal manager Saranya Srinivasalu.

Together, we work hard to position Molecular -Metabolism even more prominently in the field in the future.

Of course, the journal's success would not be possible without the passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable commitment of our reviewers who we would like to sincerely thank for their continuous support throughout the years.

A final big thanks goes to our authors, who in the end determine the quality, scope and impact of the journal by their invaluable contributions.

We are looking forward to the years to come!



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